Thank you to the Community helping with Budge Drive slide


Contact: Jennifer Lee, Community Resource Center

Phone 307-739-4500 [email protected]org

With help from the community, Community Resource Center is able to help those affected from Budge Drive evacuation

Jackson, WY April 15, 2014:  Faced with the Budge Drive evacuation, community support has been amazing. Community Resource Center staff was at the library along with multiple community organizations offering support and assistance. Hearing the different needs people were facing, Community Resource Center anticipated that some of the residents would need to move belongings out of their homes.

Gloria Polis, a long-time supporter of Community Resource Center, made a call to Teton Science School asking for a truck and driver in the event someone needed help. Unable to find a truck, friends to help move, and space for her belongings, Alicia Cipicchio called Community Resource Center asking for help 15 minutes before her appointed time of evacuation. Teton Science School provided a truck and people. Community Resource Center then reached out to Storage Stables and rented a storage unit for her belongings.

This is only one of the many residents and workers on Budge Drive that Community Resource Center has been able to help with community donations and generosity. St. John’s Episcopal Church has generously offered to match donations raised through their church. The church will present a check to Community Resource Center once complete. In addition on April 19, Belle Cose and goodie 2 Shoes are giving customers of their store 50% off if you bring in a basic needs item for those affected by the evacuation. Jennifer Lee, Director of Development and Marketing of Community Resource Center, said, “It is a great feeling to consider myself a member of this generous and supportive community. In addition, I want to thank the Town of Jackson. They are doing a great job of updating the community on the situation.”

Alicia Cipicchio, Resident of Budge Drive
Alicia Cipicchio, Resident of Budge Drive