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How We Help


We believe in the power of individuals to improve their own lives.


CRC is an emergency assistance program, networking hub and information source dedicated to helping people in need.


CRC provides services, assistance and information to people who live or work in Teton County Wyoming. For those who do not live in Teton County, we provide information and help with connecting individuals to agencies whose mission will meet their needs.


Emergency Assistance - CRC is actively assisting community members. Join with us to help our community in need. The Community Resource is entirely funded with private donations. Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated. Learn more about how your donation helps.
Agency Referrals - We work closely with partner organizations - such as the Jackson Hole Food Cupboard, Browse ‘n’ Buy, the Community Counseling Center, St. John’s Hospital, Curran-Seeley, CLIMB Wyoming, and Habitat for Humanity - to ensure that our clients are getting the help they need to overcome obstacles in their lives.
Life Skills Education - Through intensive one-on-one education - such as budgeting and long-range life planning - we help clients develop action plans for their future and make better choices to create more stable lives.
Client Advocacy - Many of our clients do not feel empowered to advocate for themselves, so we help them resolve issues, such as conflicts with landlords or negotiating debt repayment plans.
Community Advocacy – Our role is to serve as a voice for the voiceless on issues of critical concern to our clients, such as low-cost workforce housing and access to affordable health care.

Smart Shopping

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